I have been so busy with so many other things that I have yet to share a little Living History project that I have begun studying, noting and piecing together. I have a long ways to go on this little project, but is tentatively titled, “One Beautiful Evening: The Night Grace Became Sweet Unto My Soul.”

These are some basic concept covers. The artwork is one of a kind and custom done for me by Jacy Wilkinson Filmmaker. She nailed the characters. Who are they? Jonathan Edwards (left), Sarah Edwards (center right), George Whitefield (right), and my character Jeremiah LaStrange (back).

This is based around the real life meeting with George Whitefield staying at the home of Jonathan Edwards Friday, October 17th, 1740 in Northampton, Massachusetts. Many parts of this story will be accurate per Whitefield’s own Journals and writings from both Jonathan and Sarah, however, only little is detailed regarding the actual conversation that evening. However, Living History, has the component of adding more real life people, sayings, thoughts mixed with a fictional aspect, Lord willing, with a heavy emphasis in pointing people to the truth in Christ.

A young 14 year old Jeremiah was privileged to be personally invited to the Edwards’ home for the grand night and special guest George Whitefield. Jeremiah tells the story of that one beautiful evening, now as an old man, in a letter of correspondence to a younger James Spurgeon (grandfather to C.H. Spurgeon) just before he took the pulpit and became the Independent Minister at Stambourne, England in roughly 1810. Jeremiah, still living outside of Northampton in 1809, shares the depths of his testimony, what he experienced, his Christian learnings, and especially the grace, mercy and love of God, yet in the cultural and political climate of the day. The correspondence with James is between two friends and meant for the edification and help in James’ future ministry, and Lord willing, his future offspring should they carry the Spurgeon line of ministering to the people.

Picture Jeremiah in Northampton, Massachusetts, roughly 87 years old, having outlived Whitefield, Edwards, and host of other godly men from the Great Awakening, and living in the colonial time of 1776 and early American history. Imagine what he experienced in hearing of Jonathan and his daughter’s early death due to an experimental vaccination, the death of close friend David Brainerd and Jerusha Edwards of Tuberculosis, and the untimely death of Sarah due to dysentery, not to forget the small pox that killed more of the Edwards family.

The times may have been more simple in social-political movements, yet much was happening and life was physically taxing. Regardless, the same Gospel was working, as the Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Lord willing, this correspondence between Jeremiah and James will help edify the reader today – that is, should I complete this project.

Peace and blessings all!

Would love to hear your thoughts.


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