Everyone wants to talk;

talk about events and other people.

Everyone wants to do something;

about the doing other than the present.

Everyone wants to go somewhere;

go somewhere other than where they are at.

Everyone wants to boast in themselves, their works, their church;

boast in everything other than knowing and being.

What would it look like if we made God Himself,

that being through King Jesus, our boast;

boasting in “understanding and knowing Him”?

What would it look like if we were more concerned in “being”, rather that the talk of others, talk of doing and talk of somewhere else?

Maybe it is time enough, instead of “worrying” about that which we have no power (Matt. 6:33) and hours spent upon the thoughts and ideologies of other men’s opinions online, we should stay focused and pondering Jer. 9:23-25 and 2nd Corinth. 13:5 until the Spirit of God brings us to a seriousness in our faith.


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