Brother Don Currin (Website | Facebook | HeartCry Missionary) has been a blessing to me the last few years since coming to know and follow him. His posts and preaching are always so edifying and encouraging me unto Christ. This message below is so timely in my life. It is fitting with the current sermon I am reading from the Rev. Samuel Annesley (late 1600’s) titled, “How May We Attain To Love God With All Our Hearts, Souls, And Minds?” (Puritan Sermons 1659-1689, Vol. 1, pg. 572, Richard Owen Roberts , Publishers) This is also fitting with the recent little book that was just released, “Twenty Years and Plowing into Eternity.” (Download for FREE) The sermon below was posted April 8th, 2022 and has come from the Rockport Baptist Church Conference.

We should never seek for manifestations of the Spirit above the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.” – Don Currin

A True Story

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