Freedom X2.

While freedom in God’s providential placement, and this being seasonal, in the United States is enjoyed, spiritual freedom from the heavy wrecking bondage of Satan and my own wicked heart, being founded and rooted in Christ Jesus, is a whole other level of freedom. The former pales in comparison; the later is everything, and this not for my own benefit, but for His glory, His purposes and the joy of my salvation.

And should we be thankful, praising God, in both? Absolutely! However, let us NEVER get the priorities mixed up and our focus off centered.

While many will only go back as far as July 4th, 1776, I cannot help but to think back farther, especial of three particular men providentially and most powerfully used of God in both of these particular freedoms – George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, and David Brainerd (lesser well-known and died young). There were hundreds more during that timeframe as well. I cannot help but to think of the Log Cabin College founder William Tennent and so many others.

The Lord was working in and through the persecution of the Puritans in sending them to the “New World” (U.S.), and again in greatly awakening thousands upon thousands unto repentance and salvation in the early 1700’s, and preparing the way for a Constitutional republic and formation in 1776.

And, if you are Christian, not by mere personal profession, but by the definition and reality of the new birth in Christ, then you are here today for such a time and purpose to live godly, be salt and light, lay down your life, pick up your cross and follow hard after Jesus, in, under, and through the providence of God in the U.S. today.

Never forget, “to whom much was given, much will be required,” therefore, “offer up the sacrifice of praise” and recognize, ponder, pray, and give God the glory – regardless of all else.

Freedom here in the temporal is good; eternal freedom in Christ Jesus far outweighs.

Peace and blessings all!

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