You may be woke, but you’re not awake.

You can claim to be whatever, yet reality dictates otherwise.

You can claim an awakening, a revival, an understanding of cultural deviancy, political madness, and medical tyranny, yet I can assure you, if you and I do not run smack-face into the true, powerful, and working grace of God, in turning away from sinfulness in repentance towards God, having a change of heart deep within, and a living reality, then we do not have an awakening, a revival, or anything spiritually lasting.

If the word God is nothing more than academic, without a doing of the reality and power thereof, then we have nothing.

And sadly, many who are professing a very sound theology, as according to the biblical scriptures, are in tremendous inerrancy and sin, for their lives Do not reflect their claims. And I see this, more often than I wish, in leaders and pastors in churches across America. Humility, piety, and admission of personal sin is grossly missing.

More so yet, very few have a desire to be in close fellowship, united by the Word, and in pleading out to God in prayer meetings.

May the Lord help you and I, those of us who read this, to get alone with God, shut up unto Him, taking joy in praise and petitioning Him, by his grace and mercy, to yet again stoke the fires of faith so that we would actually live in the powerful working realities of the Gospel the Lord Jesus Christ.


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