Understanding the Last Two Years Requires Understanding Satan’s Real Agenda

Without a doubt, the last two years have been troubling for the entire world. Millions have lost their lives, millions more are have been affected, and millions more are going die as a result. To really understand what has been going on, you need to dig in and learn a little more.

The video below is from a 2013 interview, however the document she just discusses goes back to the late ’90s early 2000s. For many of you this will be new information, and most likely, terrifying information. But remember, God has told us ahead of time, through His word, that we do not war against flesh and blood. Satan absolutely hates mankind and will eradicate to the best of his ability. The prophecies of old, and the Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, will indeed come to pass.

Watch this video, think about all this been going on last two years, and so much more has happened than most of us even are aware of, and spend time in prayer.

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