Single Minded Devotion – Pastor Brad Pittman | Grace Fellowship Church

Last week I was privileged to temporarily start again (I travel the nation extensively in healthcare) in fellowship with a wonderful local church, Grace Fellowship, in Stillman Valley, IL.

Pastor Brad brought a timely message for those seeking to truly know the Lord in greater measure.

Without a double Philippians chapter three is truly a powerful, yet simple and pure devotion to Christ, that leaves the true believer challenged, hungry and seeking to “press on” in a whole-hearted singular devotion.

This precious church has not only endured the plandemic, but has been growing – not only in number, but in hunger. They are located in northern Illinois just outside of a small town called Stillman Valley. They meet in a rural modern barn and have a sweet savor of “simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ” (2nd Corinthians 11:3) of which the Apostle Paul warns the church at Corinth not to lose.

Feel free to learn more about them or reach out to Pastor Brad or one of the elders at:

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