Why I will NOT speak against the Asbury Revival 2023


I will not speak against what has become known as the “Asbury Revival”, why?

1.) I am not there.

2.) I dare not speak against what God may very well be doing in the hearts and lives of many people, and therefore, blasphemy the Holy Spirit.

3.) I dare not say that everything there is of the Holy Spirit, and therefore, blasphemy the Holy Spirit.

4.) Although I am not a revival historian like Richard Owen Roberts and other treasured men of God, I know enough about the history of true revivals to know that some things seem always familiar, such as:

a.) Conviction of sin for the individual believer.

b.) Personal repentance of the convicted sin.

c.) Praise and worship coming from the heart of the individual.

d.) Point a, b, and c above whereby God does this at his will and timing, unplanned of man, and in more individuals at the same time than general.

e.) Not every person there will be under the same conviction.

f.) Not every single person will come under conviction or be saved.

g.) The devil is sure to be close and is happy to create division in the Church.

h.) Charlatans are always close by and willing to steal the spotlight in order to shift the glory from God unto themselves.

i.) Arm-chair critics are quick to point out anything and everything.

j.) Persecution will come for some.

k.) Some will believe everything was of God.

5.) Not everyone carries and demonstrates emotions the same, therefore we should be careful to confirm or deny a genuine work of God.

6.) The marks of a genuine revival cannot be judged merely on externals, personal preferences, and opinions.

7.) Using Scripture to nitpick someone’s knowledge, speech or understanding, and the place they are at in their sanctification (if regenerate), only leads to personal pride. If this be my case, I must examine the log in my own eye first. If I do not consider another person’s sanctification, then that only proves that my sanctification (if I am truly saved) is sorely lacking.

8.) If I am not in prayer, and praising God, for people who have come together to sing songs, pray, seek the Lord, then what does that say of me and how I really understand and view the church as the Bible clearly teaches?

9.) I am free, and under no obligation, to have to go be a part of what is happening in order to seek, know, and walk with God. I can do this, and should do this, as a style of my life right where I am at. Therefore, if I have time to discredit another person, I have ample time to seek the Lord for myself.

10.) Even the Great Awakening of the early 1700s, that massive movement of God in the hearts of millions prior to America becoming a nation (and overseas), was heavily spoken against. Jonathan Edwards, perhaps one of the greatest Christian minds in all of church history, at least for sure in the 1700s (and today) wrote an entire book to combat the naysayers.

11.) I have several Facebook friends who are personally at the event, why in the world would I discredit them, increased division, and ignorantly speak about that which I am not present?

12.) How do I demonstrate the love, grace and mercy of God towards me if I shall not demonstrate this to my fellow believers and Christ followers.

13.) To assume the heart, life and motive of every person present is to place me in the position of which God is holy, sovereign, omniscient and all providential alone.

I could probably go on for many more points, however, hopefully you understand. It should be dually noted, I do not speak for anything, or anyone, who does not repentantly turn unto God (simultaneously away from their sin) and walk in the true, saving, sanctifying grace of God. Consider reading: Revival | My Struggling with Trials in the Mundane Life.

*UPDATE 2/19/2023 – I recommend this article entitled “Revival and Bad Theology.” It seems very balanced with grace and truth.

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