Revival | My Struggling with Trials in the Mundane Life

Revival | My Struggling with Trials in the Mundane Life

It seems some of my greatest spiritual battles do not lie in what one would consider to be the extravagant and extraordinary events of the Christian life, but for me, it is the daily mundane of life where living forth for Christ I am most buffeted.

I find that as soon as I declare to live out the deep desire to be most satisfied in God and faithfully cherishing my precious Lord Jesus, there clearly lies a hidden law, a dark battle cry of the old man, which launches an all-out offense against me on every side, both inside and out. The old nature, in allegiance with the devil, sets out to nullify the advancements of the new man in Christ Jesus. The arm of the flesh and the reasoning of man does not, nor cannot, plow forward.

I cry out, “Oh wretched man that I am, who will deliver me from this body of death?

I find that in collapsing to my knees, in deep petitions and longings in private prayer, with a sacrifice of praise pouring forth from my lips, with my Bible laid open, is my repentant revival and daily renewing. And in this way, a daily victorious walk with Christ in His providence and economy, until I meet with Him in eternal glory, is my lot, and a precious one at that. If only I would remember these things at the foremost of my thoughts during the mundane of my day. Thus, however, by His powerful working grace I shall press onward another day joyous in His mercies.

I do not need ‘revivals’ in large gatherings, nor the movements and entertainments of the flesh, for I have access before me all the revival I can want or need in being shut-up unto God, in the recesses of private communion, conviction, worship, and praise. Oh, to be alone with the King of all kings, how sweet a place this is. Oh that I would yet plow up the fallow grounds of my own heart and cultivate more of a resolve to walk with God in private. The war is waged and and the battles won here in this place. I have learned that my emotions often cannot be trusted, and my heart seems continually bent towards evil.

Yet, shall I pretend to know what only God knows? Shall I speak of others in my ignorance? Shall I speak against or for movements of which I am not a part? Lord knows I have been shamefully guilty of this in years past. As a result, I have unintentionally slowed my sanctification and walk with God, and walked many lonely dead-ends roads away from my precious Lord.

Spiritual sloth doeth Christians more mischief than scandalous relapses. – Shake off this, and then you will be more than conquerors over all other difficulties… You will thrive so fast in all grace, you will grow up into so much communion with God, that unless God sometimes withdraw to keep you humble, you will have a very heaven upon earth.” – Rev. Samuel Annesley, (on Matthew 22:37-8); “Puritan Sermons: 1659-1699“, Vol. 5; Richard Owen Roberts

Thank you, my God, my Lord, my Rock, my Savior, my Shelter, my Redeemer for once again coming to my aide and reviving this heart of mine. Thank you for causing me to draw near to You that You would draw near to me. Help me Lord to be slow to speak, slow to anger, quick to forgive, and set apart for You alone. “Come, Lord Jesus, come,” rescue this sinner of a man and bring about a deeper sanctification of which you graciously have started in me by your great love and mercy. And if you would be pleased, may you come to the rescue of many souls this day.


The clip below is from a message over 14 years ago. I sat in the 3rd row and wept through most of this message. It has been a tremendous impact on my life, used of God, and has come to mind often in helping me walk with God.

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