Thinking upon God | Recent Ponderings upon the Revelation of Jesus

Oh that the end product of my faith “may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” (1st Peter 1:7)

Oh to be so singular of mind and passionate in love for the nearness of Christ, both here in the present and at His second coming, that all of the “light momentary afflictions” and “various trials” would not even enter into my mind in the comparison of “knowing Christ Jesus” my Lord.

Oh to know, by true and powerful experience, that day when Christ appears in glory and to profoundly “marvel” at the fullness of His reality, His person, His presence, His deity, His glory.

Would it be that my heart would beat for Him, and be ever so consumed with His great love, that all hinderances, be they bad or even good, would fade away to nothing. Walking in nearness to Him, now and forevermore, He is so indescribably precious, blessed, and beautiful in the captivating of the eye – hence, everything else is seen as nothing.

Oh precious Lord, cause this man to be wholly set upon You and You alone. May love for You increase, and may love for my fellow mankind be a staple-mark of my life.


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