Fear Not

It seems with all that Satan, through the world and it’s system and the wicked hearts of evil men, has been throwing at us politically, in terms of health, and with all of the pressures of fear in American cities, many are losing hope and turning else where for relief. However, if indeed you are a true Christian, then you should “fear not” nor lose hope. Continue reading Fear Not

So You Have a Reason To Complain That Jesus Didn’t?


You might say, if anyone had reason to talk badly about the leaders of their nation, would it not be Daniel, the Apostle Paul, and most assuredly, Jesus? Yet, the Bible over and over clearly shows they did just the opposite.

Now we are not talking about the religious leaders, but the national leaders. Daniel was literally taken away captive into a foreign culture, made to learn their history, rules, ways of living; Paul was constantly standing before wicked rulers being beaten near unto death; Jesus suffered and died when He was absolutely innocent. Consider for a moment 1 Peter 2:21-25, 4:1-2, & Philippians 2:5-11. Continue reading “So You Have a Reason To Complain That Jesus Didn’t?”

Thoughts Concerning Our Helplessness

bible on tableThe depths of the chasm of man’s depravity is of an endless pit; it is a pit too impossible to climb, too impossible for all of human wisdom combined to engineer the most ingenious of escapes, too dark, too vile, too at enmity with God to perceive. For this reason, we must not stop to ponder our created beginning of mere dust alone, but we must come to see, if even one ounce, our utter helplessness, the very nature imputed to us by generational lineage from Adam. Continue reading “Thoughts Concerning Our Helplessness”