Confession in the Mirror?

Throughout the Bible, a true and right confession, that being a profession of Christian, is weighed against the reality of authentic, not perfect, obedience to the One Who’s name we are connecting ourselves. For a true confession results from the overflow of authentic regeneration (conversion if you will); true obedience, and a growing desire to … Continue reading Confession in the Mirror?

Men, You Don’t Need A ‘New Cart’

man prayingIn this day of thin-skinned-narcissistic-feel-good-consumerism-churchianity that has become so evident in the culture of relevant talk, fear driven political correctness and the tidal wave of sin-embracing-Christ-denying-God-enmity, men especially have neglected their posts. The day of God fearing men of humility, prayer and meekness has almost been removed. If we have ever lived in an age when men of God need to arise, it is surely now. Continue reading “Men, You Don’t Need A ‘New Cart’”