Thoughts with Whitefield

In 1740, George Whitefield, a man greatly used of God in launching the first great awakening, and a man to whom I love to read, wrote to John Wesley, a close friend, “I never read anything that Calvin wrote.”[1] He was also quoted as saying, “I embrace the Calvinistic scheme, not because of Calvin, but … Continue reading Thoughts with Whitefield

Thoughts and Reflections


Thoughts with God this AM.

I have thought much and prayed some, about how much God really is tired of all my opinions. Oh, it is so much more: Lamentations 3:22-40.

1. Love of God and His mercies know no end.

2. Waiting for God is good and seeks for Him.

3. Waiting quietly for His salvation is good. Continue reading “Thoughts and Reflections”

Men, You Don’t Need A ‘New Cart’

man prayingIn this day of thin-skinned-narcissistic-feel-good-consumerism-churchianity that has become so evident in the culture of relevant talk, fear driven political correctness and the tidal wave of sin-embracing-Christ-denying-God-enmity, men especially have neglected their posts. The day of God fearing men of humility, prayer and meekness has almost been removed. If we have ever lived in an age when men of God need to arise, it is surely now. Continue reading “Men, You Don’t Need A ‘New Cart’”

Learn From Me

Learn from me. I want to encourage everyone to learn from me. Lately I have posted a couple of articles on my facebook page, both of which were either grossly out of context, the other just wrong. It is so easy to be sucked in online to reading things that ultimately pull us from our … Continue reading Learn From Me

Hebrews Thirteen

Hebrews Interactive Online Bible Study Hebrews Thirteen ~ a walk through Hebrews ~ ~ for the edification of the bride of Christ and centering on Him in these last days ~ *rules of engagement Welcome: Welcome to the online Hebrews Bible study. We welcome anyone who wishes to engage with us during these thirteen days and … Continue reading Hebrews Thirteen

US National Day of Prayer

US National Day of Prayer First of let me say this, or maybe ask, who are we (totality of the US nation) praying to? What’s the point? I absolutely struggle with days like this in our godless culture. Maybe not so much struggle with why, but struggle thinking about how the One True God, the … Continue reading US National Day of Prayer