Others May

Traveling in the medical and business communities as much as I am, you get tired of seeing all the waist and how everyone does whatever they wish - yet I cannot. This is heightened even more significantly when observing the sea of worldly professing 'Christians' acting as if the Bible has no accord with them (as it may very well not) - yet I cannot.


Could it be that logic, sordidly missing, is the necessity needed today for the application in the examination and right use of context, in the church, outside the church, in politics and in all manners of life?

Times Past Can Be Times Now

There are many times past, should I have my way, I would love to go back and see, for instance: To go back and speak with Enoch, watch Moses part the sea, watch David whip a giant, be there when Elijah prayed, spend all my time with Jesus in prayer, see Saul converted and the early church born. However...