If you’re not willing to tell your friends the truth, then you are no friend to your friends. The costs are irrelevant if love is guiding your motivations, actions, and verbiage. Is this easy and comfortable? No. However, if we have true hope, then what are we afraid of losing? 

So fear not; speak up now!

Jeremy B Strang

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I have been in healthcare for nearly 28 years, traveled the greater part of 23 years, and worked in well over 70 hospitals, many clinics, been in hundreds of doctors offices. I have worked many aspects of management, sales and marketing, teaching and training, and continue, as of current, full-time in the healthcare field.

In May of 2001, while on assignment in Taos, NM, my life of darkness and depression was drastically changed. Need hope, fearful, worried or full of anxiety? Download my new book, “One Man’s Walk With God: Preparing for Trials and Fears” for FREE. My story and 20 year look back also for FREE.

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