Hebrews Bible Study

6 thoughts on “Hebrews Bible Study”

  1. I pray for each one in participation and that revelation by the power of the Holy Spirit will be evident for all to learn more of the excellency of the knowledge of Jesus Christ so each one will be enriched toward a deeper walk with Him.


  2. Brother Jeremy I too find this study absolutely to be birthed in prayer and seeking our precious Lord for his truth and understanding of what the Lord would have us to understand so we may come away so impacted so as to not only know his truth but to walk in his truth.

    Hebrews 1:1-9 nuggets:
    1. God spoke through his prophets to our forefathers in the Old Testiment many times. God making know his righteousness and his ways. Showing his love and his Judgements.

    Paul says, in these last days God speaks to us by his Son, for God says Jesus is superior to the prophets and the angels, He whom has been appointed heir over all things, he whom is the radience of God’s Glory and the exact representation of his very being.

    After he provided our salvation for our sins, our purification, he sat down at the right hand side of the Father in heaven. He radiates God’s glory the very essence of God’s nature. Through the Son the Father is revealed. He is eternal, for God has said of his son. “Your Throne O God shall last forever and ever.

    May we rejoice and hold on to these truths looking forward to our full redemption in his son our eternal Lord and Savior.
    I cherish how he loves us so much he has provided a way of communication giving us access for Jesus to speak to us, many times through the Holy Spirit, I know we can trust him for he is the exact representation of the Father.
    Blessing to all my brothers and sisters, Lynn


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