Limiting God?

limiting godIt is my hope and prayer that you are blessed, and yet transformed, all at the same time. I am given great joy having you take this journey with me. The journey, you ask. well. yes, journey into the heart and soul of every reader. This is a personal quest of your mind, searching your heart, for where the soul longs to be. The soul’s ultimate goal is to be at peace and at home, constantly being blessed, by God – the Savior. The Savior’s ultimate goal is that all lost souls are saved. Saved souls long to be with God in continual worship to the King.

Published in 2005

  • What is the belief system that we should possess to give us a fuller life? How do we achieve our ultimate spiritual goals and live the great life that God longs for all of us to have? These and other questions are beautifully answered in Jeremy Strang’s book – ” Limiting God.” Jeremy gives new meaning to the power of prayer and what the purpose of the “Church” really is. When you are done reading this book, you feel that no matter what walk of life you live, God and his greatness is available and attainable to everyone, all you have to do is ask.   ~Karen D. Biasin
  • “If you have any questions about how much God loves us, this is the book to read. Written with such passion, there will be no question in your mind on how much God truly loves us and wants to be a part of our life. It is a book that you will want to read more than once. Written for all denominations, it will fill you with a sense of peace because you will know when you finish what it means to be filled with the love of God — just need to know how to not limit God in your life.”   ~Elaine Olson

How Limiting God? came about ~ How it all started          

In July of 2005, I felt the Lord wanted me to write a book with the urgency of reaching out to a loved one who was dying of M.S. My past school history was shady to say the least. I had been a very lazy student with very poor grades. My English skills were the most lacking of all. When I set out to write, I knew absolutely nothing except the Lord desired me to do so.

After the book was published, my Grandmother would read small portions to our loved one almost every day. This person started to think about what this life is really about. Only hours before their death, they proclaimed that Jesus was their Lord. This was a true blessing for my Grandmother especially.

After the first publication, many people have contacted me in regards to “Limiting God?” and how the Lord had used this book to touch their lives and impact their walk with Christ. Even with poor grammar, many misspellings, and a lack of good editing, several people, and even many of the Catholic/Christian faith, have been touched by the message within.

Since this time, more books have been written. Although my writing is not the most impressive, artistic, and exciting, the Lord is using this for His glory, the honor of His Son and for the edification of His Church. The lessons I have learned have been many. I have learned to be obedient to His guidance and to never limit what He can do through those whom do not look captivating to the world. The Lord does not need the English skills of a man nor the works of his hands to fulfill His eternal and perfect will.

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