One Man’s Walk

One Man’s Walk With God

preparing for trials and fears

Purpose and design of this book

In this day of technology, political narratives, self-absorption and narcissistic impulses, it seems that the world all-around is imploding. People are growing exceedingly anxious, fearful and experiencing trials in increasing measure. As darkness seems to be manifesting all over the planet and in every area known to man, so many are feeling completely hopeless. However, for the true Christian, these things should come as no surprise; sadly though, many believers seem to be struggling with how to relieve their fears and continue forward navigating the dangerous waters of the daily unknown.

In this book, One Man’s Walk With God, author Jeremy B. Strang brings to the pages a personal approach regarding our need to authentically walk with God, especially as it pertains to preparing for the many trials and uncertain fears. Whether you are in the throes of personal darkness and various types of difficulties, or you are seemingly on the mountain top of life, you will want to read this intimate account. Each chapter is presented in the form of a letter and close conversation with God, and applicable for the reader desiring to grow in the faith.

It is Jeremy’s hope and prayer that you will be edified and challenged, given peace and freedom, and most importantly, encouraged to walk closely with the Creator. Proceeds from the purchase of this book benefits Jeff and Stephanie Bys, AFM missionaries in Kenya. Learn more:

The world is not spinning out of control; in fact, not one atom or despot or demon acts in any respect to hinder the fulfillment of what God has eternally ordained. To know this God, and better to be known by him (Gal. 4:9a), is to enter into the security and confidence of a lifetime of trust in his never-failing arms.” – Bruce A. Ware, God’s Greater Glory: The Exalted God of Scripture and the Christian Faith, p. 15

Comments and Recommendations

Grape juice, apple juice, orange juice or another type of juice, are all the result of pressure being applied to the outside until what is inside flows out. Strangely enough you can’t obtain olive oil from apples or apple juice from grapes. Each of these when under pressure reveal exactly what they ‘are’ inside.

When God transforms a life by His grace, the person’s very nature is changed by the indwelling nature of Almighty God. Jeremy Strang has undergone that spiritual metamorphous. How do I know? Because of what flows out of him. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, or in this case he writes. He writes about a love affair with his God and Savior. I pray as you read that you too will fall in love with the one who is ‘The Desire of All Nations, The King of kings, The Lord of lords, The Maker of Heaven and Earth, the altogether Lovely One, and our glorious Redeemer’. Eternity will not be sufficient to grasp the magnitude and greatness of our God.”

David Ravehnill, Itinerant Preacher, Teacher and Writer,

What an encouragement to listen in as Jeremy Strang speaks to the One his soul loves. As I hung on each word, I got the real sense that Jeremy communicates out of the overflow of his heart. As we serve God in dark places throughout a world that is not our home, it is a blessing of God to be encouraged by such men. My prayer is that God might deepen your sense of awe in Him, your love for Him, and your service to Him as you read this beautiful work.

Jeff Bys, AFM Missionary in Kenya, AFM Ministry

“Written with a heart to edify believers, this book will encourage you to communion more with God and thirst and hunger after Him. I recommend it. For those who spend time with God truly will become more like Him.” 

Greg Gordon, Founder of

I see such passion, such as one whom has been touched by the Lord Himself, going strongly yet humbly, before our God, sometimes tearfully before Him. With such passion in his heart, thus for a steadfast and unshakable relationship, and bearing the very heart and thoughts wide open before God. How pleasing this is to our Lord and the very thing our Father desires, communication with the deep thoughts and praises of his child. I see the very representation of the heart of David here. I believe this book is the working of the Holy Spirit to draw us closer to our Lord and to pursue Him with our whole heart. For it is there we shall find him.”

Lynn Clark, Christian

To any true seeker, believer, and follower of Jesus Christ, Jeremy Strang’s words encapsulate the heart felt yearning, constant search, inner struggles, and rich spiritual blessings that accompany the ever deepening relationship Christ wants with each of us. As a fellow believer my faith is enriched, and so will yours be. Read on and be blessed!

Steve Shullanberger, Pastor and Preacher


Section One: He Satisfies

  • How shall I come to You?
  • My greatest need
  • Growing in the beauty of Your Word
  • Preparing before the trials

Section Two: My Response in Trials

  • Your example
  • Armed by You
  • To be emptied
  • Trusting and Rejoicing

Section Three: When in Fear, Look to Jesus

  • Recognition and admission
  • When in darkness, my hope is in You
  • Satan’s cunning – my deception
  • When in darkness, my hope is in You


During May of 2001 Jeremy’s life was drastically changed. The many years of darkness and bondage that he experienced was brought headlong into the light of Jesus Christ. Painting a picture of his life before Christ, he says, “I was living in a hellish deep dark depression, one very hidden, and controlling of my life. As a result, this helped to fuel my pride, empower my anger and enslave me in lust. I was a liar, a thief, an adulterer, a drunk, a malicious gossip and a flat-out God hater. I used profanity as communication, anger as a lifestyle, all while deceitfully justifying myself. I lived with thoughts so dark and so wicked, it was as if hell itself lived inside my mind. Nearly every day suicide swirled about my head. This was my reality.”[1]

Jeremy is a Christian, a husband, and a father. Currently he is studying Theology and Pastoral Studies through the London Reformed Baptist Seminary (Metropolitan Tabernacle) and continues to work full-time in the Radiology field. He also serves on the board of directors for AFM Ministry and has volunteered with various ministries for the past two decades.

“Sometimes, when I see some of the worst characters in the street, I feel as if my heart must burst forth in tears of gratitude that God has never let me act as they have done! I have thought, “If God had left me alone, and had not touched me by His grace, what a great sinner I would have been! I would have run to the utmost lengths of sin, dived into the very depths of evil. Nor would I have stopped at any vice or folly, if God had not restrained me!

“I feel that I would have been a very king of sinners, if God had left me alone. I cannot understand the reason why I am saved, except upon the ground that God would have it so. I cannot, if I look ever so earnestly, discover any kind of reason in myself why I should be a partaker of Divine grace.”

~ Charles Spurgeon ~

[1] Grace Upon Grace, Jeremy B. Strang

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