As Christ: A Man and Marriage


as-christ_-a-man-and-marriage-jeremy-b-strang“This is an excellent book for all to read! There is so much wisdom packed in this book! It is a must read for all!”

~ Karen

“Honestly, with divorce running rampant among those how claim to be following Christ, we need to go back and see just what Christ has said concerning husbands. I highly recommend it.”

~ Billy Witt, Author

As Christ: A Man and Marriage

Author: Jeremy B. Strang. Several guest authors as well.

Released: 2015

1st Edition: Christ Died For His Bride, So What’s Your Problem? – 2011

Christ DiedThis newly released and discounted book is an update from the 2011 book,Christ Died For His Bride, So What’s Your Problem? We have added even more of a power-packed clarion call for the men of our generation to rise up and be the men, husbands, and fathers Christ has called us to be.

Today the biblical model of what a godly husband should be has been nearly eradicated. We are in desperate need for godly men, men of prayer, men who act like men, and men who will be God-honoring husbands. In his book, As Christ: A Man and Marriage, author Jeremy Strang calls men to attention. This book is brief, hard hitting, to the point, and Bible saturated. It is a wake-up call for husbands everywhere to deny themselves and sacrificially love their wives. Jeremy admonishes and exhorts men to take a close look at the actualities of living As Christ amidst marriage. Are you man enough to take this examination? Would you dare let God’s Word expose your weaknesses and make your faith and your marriage stronger? It just may just be what the Lord uses to save your life!

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