Stay In The Boat

Stay In The Boat: When Perception Begs Our Abandonment

Stay In The Boat
Stay In The Boat

“Tremendous book focused on what binds us to this world or the next. What are we tied too? Are we tied to the things of this world or have we been consumed by the God of all glory? The author takes us through Acts 27 and presents the challenges that we too face in our modern lives as we go through the storms and throw in our lot with Jesus. Given the times in which we live, this is a very timely book that reminds us just who Jesus is and how we must stay in Him.”

~ Frank McEleny, Author and Blogger

“Excellent, Encouraging and Thought Provoking.”

~ Lynn

Stay In The Boat: When Perception Begs Our Abandonment

Author: Jeremy B. Strang

Released: 2016

Are you in need of hope? Are the distractions of this world causing you to fear and take action into your own hands? Are you feeling as if all the storms of your life and dragging you deeper and deeper? Take heart, there is hope! Are you willing to seek it out?

Jeremy B. Strang’s new book, “Stay In The Boat,” takes you along with the Apostle Paul in his journey as a prisoner heading for Rome. In this epic voyage, a violent storm tossed sea causes fear, loss of hope, and destruction. Yet in the midst of all the chaos, Paul delivers a clear message of truth and hope – for he was resolved in the Spirit, ordained of God and Christ centered.

No matter if you are a seasoned believer, one who has recently come to Christianity, or seeking out truths of Jesus Christ, this book has something for everyone. If you have been struggling with issues, storms, or sins in your life, or simply do not know where to turn next, Jeremy helps you to refocus your vision.

Do not abandon the boat!

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