Urgency to Rise: A Call to the American Church

Urgency to Rise. OUT OF PRINT. Learn more:
Urgency to Rise. OUT OF PRINT. Learn more:

I believe Jeremy Strang sounds the wake-up call for all Christians living in complacency and detachment from cross of Christ. His message is hard-hitting but it gets to the truth.

~ Marianne Bernard, Christian Blogger

Urgency to Rise: A Call to the American Church

Author: Jeremy B. Strang

Released: 2008

It is my Urgent cry that all professing Christians respond to God’s calling and seek to understand the deeper truths of Jesus Christ. In the future, American Christians will face physical persecution and the immanent righteous judgment of God will be fulfilled. No one knows the exact moment these truths will begin, therefore there should be a real Urgency to Rise and turn to the full truth of our Lord and Savior. This book is written to shock dead hearts, through the power of the Holy Spirit, into new life. Every professing Christian should examine their faith, understand their depravity apart from God, seek the Lord with all diligence and put their faith into tangible action. The Urgency to Rise is upon us!

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