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The Hidden Life of Prayer & The Prayer-Life of Our Lord, by David M. M’Intyre, is a very helpful resource for the serious minded Christian.



As the young pastor of a self-satisfied English congregation in the 1880’s, Samuel Chadwick was so frustrated over his lack of power in the pulpit that he collected his sermons in a pile and set fire to them. The result was immediate: the Holy Spirit fell on him. The new vitality in his preaching was evident in his very next sermon, at which seven people came to Christ. Within a few years his reputation had grown to the point that the chapel was full a half-hour before the service, and police had to be called in to control the crowds. In his final years as principal of a training school for preachers, he wrote his most well-known book, The Way to Pentecost, which was being printed when he died in 1932.

With Christ In The School Of Prayer, by Andrew Murray, is a very helpful resource for the serious minded Christian.



Based on the firm foundation of scripture, the author shares in a simple, yet profound way, the methods, the necessity, and the possibilities of prayer. He pulls examples and anecdotes from across the centuries using saints from scripture, the early church, and his contemporaries, to clarify each principle he presents. Reach the heart of God, fall in line with His will, and experience His power and closeness through prayer.

Leonard Ravenhill presents prayer as faith in action in this fast-paced presentation of this crucial subject. He called prayer the most essential ingredient in producing revival. Filled with exhortations and illustrations, it teaches the art of effective praying–which will result in revival. Moody Monthly said, “This is a plea for praying that will melt the preacher’s heart, move the people, and magnify the Lord Jesus.”

In The Lord’s Prayer Watson analyzes in detail the Preface to the prayer and the six petitions which it contains. His treatment of the words ‘thy kingdom come’ is exceptionally full, illuminating and stirring. Like all great books on prayer it provides practical help because it concentrates on biblical instruction.

Other Resources and Helps

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