Stay In The Boat

Stay In The Boat: When Perception Begs Our Abandonment

Stay In The Boat
Stay In The Boat

“Tremendous book focused on what binds us to this world or the next. What are we tied too? Are we tied to the things of this world or have we been consumed by the God of all glory? The author takes us through Acts 27 and presents the challenges that we too face in our modern lives as we go through the storms and throw in our lot with Jesus. Given the times in which we live, this is a very timely book that reminds us just who Jesus is and how we must stay in Him.”

~ Frank McEleny, Author and Blogger

“Excellent, Encouraging and Thought Provoking.”

~ Lynn

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Realities of a True Christian

“Realities of a True Christian is a book in the line of many others that have come out recently, that give a clarion call to the professing church with the message of true salvation. Many a church member will do well to test their lives according to some of these things written. May our Christian … Continue reading Realities of a True Christian

Limiting God?

 “Jeremy gives new meaning to the power of prayer and what the purpose of the “Church” really is. When you are done reading this book, you feel that no matter what walk of life you live, God and his greatness is available and attainable to everyone, all you have to do is ask.”  ~Karen   … Continue reading Limiting God?