Realities of a True Christian

Realities New CoverRealities of a True Christian encourages professing Christians of all ages to walk in godliness, humility of heart, holiness and piety in life. Many people will come professing Jesus Christ at the final hour, but many will be cast off forever. With such pressing truths resting upon the professing believer, author Jeremy Strang calls attention to the need for personal examination and continual sanctification. Jeremy’s clarion call brings to light the realities of Christian conversion and the resulting affects of Christ’s work of grace in the true believer. Lined within the pages of this book you will find hundreds of Scriptures and quotes from men such as: E.M.Bounds, John Flavel, Howard Guinness, Keith Green, William Gurnall, Matthew Henry, John Owen, Leonard Ravenhill, Paris Reidhead, C.H.Spurgeon, David Wilkerson, George Whitefield, Richard Wurmbrand and others. Whether your desire is to grow in your walk with Christ or to simply learn more about the realities of Christianity, then this book is for you. No grey areas. No fiction. No superficiality.

Published in 2013 (first eBook edition 2012)

“Realities of a True Christian is a book in the line of many others that have come out recently, that give a clarion call to the professing church with the message of true salvation. Many a church member will do well to test their life according to some of these things written. May our Christian lives excel in the area of piety by the careful reading of this needful book.”

– Greg Gordon, Founder of

“This book is a must read for every person that calls themself a Christian. So many people call themselves a Christian and live like the devil. It is an insult to the true Christian.”

~R. Proctor

“I’ve been reading an eBook written by Jeremy Strang titled, Realities of a True Christian. It’s a powerful book and Strang doesn’t pull his punches. The business of our souls is serious business and that becomes quite clear as you read. I also couldn’t help but sense A.W. Tozer in the book.” Read more here…

“Realities of a true Christian, discusses the topic of Christian conversion. Something that is close to my heart because, it seems in my perspective that many Christian conversions are really not a true Christian conversion at all, just a mental decision and when a little trouble comes along most flee from the faith. This is preached by Jesus, in the book of Mathew beginning in chapter 13, titled the Parable of the sower. Realities of a true Christian, taps into this truth and expounds upon every modern aspect as stated in the parable of the sower.”  Read more here…

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