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I have traveled the nation in healthcare for over 22 years. In 2001 the Lord so very graciously saved me. Since that time, I have always had a Bible with me, and they see a hard usage as well. In modern day Bible/book construction, generally speaking, I am amazed at just how poorly the spines are constructed. I hope to alleviate this by offering high quality, hand tooled, cost-effective Bible rebinding. Since I do much of this work while traveling on the road, I do not emboss, imprint, gold leaf, nor elaborate custom work. If you are looking for something more detailed than what I can offer, I would be happy to refer you to a handful of highly skilled Bible craftsmen. If you are interested in learning to rebind, I encourage you to check out Diego Caloca’s book.

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What will your Bible generally include?

  • A high quality, hand made, leather cover with raised spines
  • An Oxford hollow made from buckram book cloth
  • White silk tailbands
  • 2-3 ribbons (size depending)
  • A generous yapp


Prices range from $150 to $250 (shipping not included) depending upon condition and size of the Bible. More info: contact me. Bibles currently for sale, scroll to bottom. *Additional fees below:

  • Hardback – $50
  • Added raised tooling design – $50
  • Special Order Leather at cost of leather.
  • Dust Cover Box – $100

Where do I order my leather from?

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Basic Spine Work

Bibles Currently for Sale

NEED TO CLEAR SPACE – 1897 Meets 2022. A family heirloom found in a small antique shop in mid-Wisconsin of this year. This unique, well-kept Bible, dates from 1897. This is one of the first illustrated Bibles printed in America. Overall, the pages are in excellent condition. This was rebound in black cowskin and features all new: Oxford hollow, raised tooling, tailbands, 3 ribbons. I also reused the original cover boards on both front and back covers. Asking price is $160. (Additional shipping fee not included.)

NEED TO CLEAR SPACE – Classic and Unique. This small Bible most likely dates from the late 1800’s, possibly early 1900’s. It is in very good condition minus a couple small tears on a couple pages near the spine. This Bible has been rebound in black calfskin and features all new: Oxford hollow, added raised tooling, tailbands, one ribbon. The original cover boards were repurposed for both front and back covers. Asking price is $90. (Additional shipping fee not included.)

NEED TO CLEAR SPACE – Gently used (3 times) KJV Reformation Study Bible – $170

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