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Saturday, Dec. 3rd, 2023

A Walk & Some Thoughts

Thinking on the Ancient Paths.

A Recent Podcast: I was a guest for a dear friend.

A Walk & A True Story

Sufficient Grace

A Walk & A True Story

Reality and a bad decision.

A Walk & A True Story

Reality upon the Christian faith. Acts 19:11-20

A True Story

Twenty years of “grace upon grace” and pressing unto eternity. Downloadable book available for FREE.

Do I Desire to Love

An examination of myself. 2 Corinthians 11:3 and more.

Others May; You Cannot

Traveling in the medical and business communities as much as I am, I get tired of seeing all the waist and how everyone does whatever they wish – yet I cannot. This is heightened even more significantly when observing the sea of worldly professing ‘Christians’ acting as if the Bible has no accord with them (as it may very well not) – yet I cannot.

Trust, Rest, Grow, Go

A simple encouragement for the believer to trust, rest, grow, go into and through the arms of God, by way of Christ alone – through grace.

Dark to Light

A quick encouragement and reminder, the “Light” really does exist regardless of what we see.


Regarding my Christian life, whether I speak in front of people publicly, when at work, at the coffee shop, or wherever, the story below, by a good mentor of mine from ages past, seems to sum up my feelings.

A Quick Challenge – Be Encouraged

A little focus and encouragement to stay the narrow path, hold the line and keep the faith.

Everything as Loss

A message preached in Caney, KS May of 2019. Philippians 3:7-11.

Two messages from Jeremy on Sermon Index

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