5 thoughts on “Story”

  1. I can relate. I was in an animal house frat in college partying with the best of them. And then I changed roommates and my new roommate was a Christian in Campus Crusade for Christ Ministries(what was he doing in this frat? There were a few with real majors who weren’t so crazy.) He shared his faith with me getting my attention one time telling me Jesus is the way to God. I thought by being kind to others one would attain heaven. This didn’t change me right then, but getting home from college I wanted to know what true faith entailed. 11 yrs later the Holy Spirit convicted me of my sins, I repented and put my faith in Jesus Christ for my salvation. Lord help me to live this Christian life is my prayer.


  2. Hi! My friend Jeremy it’s a great blessing to have a friend like you, by going to the link you provided in your reply to my friend’s request to you, I’ve been able to gather much about the grace of God in our lives through your story.
    Especially in your story of grace and you story about the events leading to you giving yourself to Christ Jesus in May eighteenth, am so much blessed than ever before and believe that there’s much more still in store as we continue to engage each other pertaining the things of God.

    It’s my humble prayer that you will absorb me in your teachings, and give me more of the word of God and mentorship as the spirit of God leads you. Having been in the ministry and the church as a leader, I really yearn to know as much as I can get from spiritual and spirit filled men of God like you.

    Please my friend assist me to gain knowledge of the word of God and the things of his kingdom, that I may also be able to freely give that which by the spirit of God I have received. Thanks and God bless you so much brother.


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