• What is True Revival? | The Role of Providence in Spiritual Awakening

    March 13th, 2023 Don Currin taught an online Bible study around the topic: “The Role of Providence in Spiritual Awakening.”

  • Standing in Evil Days: Don Currin

    Truly a great means of grace in our day and age in standing firm in the evil days. Brother Don Currin gives a good and powerful message to fight today. Oh that we would be about the “plowing of our fallow ground.” (Jeremiah 4:3; Hosea 10:12)

  • Apprehension in Giving Books

    I am privileged to know, at least via social media at this time, brother Don Currin. I also cannot but help to agree I have felt much the same, but I too will continue to give Bibles, books, and sermon links regardless – although I do now try to explain why I wish for someone…

  • The Impact of Study

    THE IMPACT OF STUDY The Testimony of Spurgeon’s Brother by Don Currin Young Charles Spurgeon (age 17), who was already the pastor of a church of 450 congregants in Waterbeach, was in earnest prayer as to whether he should go to college to prepare for the ministry. Did he really need to obtain a formal…

  • Blights and Blemishes: Don Currin

    BLIGHTS AND BLEMISHES In recent years I have learned of former lovers of Christ who through neglect, or willful disobedience, have incurred moral or spiritual blights that shall not be wiped away. Cancers such as bitterness, self – conceit and secret sin have eaten away at their spiritual existence. Viewing themselves as fully justified in…