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Christ Came For This Reason

he came - set the captives free

Often we forget, or for many who have never learned, that Jesus Christ came, bringing salvation and a powerful grace, crying out some of His last words on the cross, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” (Matthew 27:48) When He cried out these words, He must have snapped the attention of every religious person in the crowd that surrounded the cross. For in these words we find Jesus “The” Christ fulfilling and actively carrying out the prophecy of Psalm 22, into Psalm 23, and with might and splendor Psalm 24.

This Christmas I urge you to read Psalms 22, 23, 24 in light of this season. For Christ came as the perfect prophet, the perfect lover of men’s souls, the perfect sacrifice for our sins. 

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What Do I Really Want To See? Part 2 – Deep Longings


Recently I wrote a small article bringing to light and attempting to answer the question? What do I really want to see? I mean, really, what is it I am wanting to see? In terms of revival? My life? In the professing Church? In my family? In the world? Do we, especially men, need to fashion a “new cart” to carry the old truths of the ancient of days? So here again we find ourselves, how do we carry out what we want to see? What are the deep longings  of our souls? Continue reading “What Do I Really Want To See? Part 2 – Deep Longings”