Personally and Private

I want you to think about the great difference we have in ministers such as Henry Scougal of the late 1600’s and that of today, especially regarding of the concern of people’s souls. What if pastors and elders today cared to practice this (see below)? Would sin be as rampant in the professing Church? Would … Continue reading Personally and Private

Thoughts and Our Personal Response to the Refugee Crisis, and Everything Else

cropped-wallpaper-black-wood (1)It seems today more than ever, opinions of mankind are absolutely everywhere we turn. Now, I could begin to set out on a discourse to rationalize our personal beliefs and then shine the spotlight of the Scriptures onto every single opinion being thrown around, especially regarding the current refugee crisis. But I am NOT going to do this.

Instead, I want to simply ask a few personal questions to every single reader, this of course to myself first, and these directed at those who profess to be Christians:

What is our true motives, as these stand bare before God, regarding our “need” and/or “compulsion” to share our opinions? Are we claiming a bold stance, either for or against, and in doing so disprove our “loving” stance as we slam other professing Christ-followers? Is the love, grace, patience that we boast about for person or people “XYZ” equally strong regarding person or people of “ABC” to whom we are so quick to “spout” out our opinions? Really, are we a people seeking our every word, deed and thought to glorify our God and to edify, sometimes ever so gently so as not to “break the bruised reed“? Continue reading “Thoughts and Our Personal Response to the Refugee Crisis, and Everything Else”

What Do I Really Want To See? Part 2 – Deep Longings


Recently I wrote a small article bringing to light and attempting to answer the question? What do I really want to see? I mean, really, what is it I am wanting to see? In terms of revival? My life? In the professing Church? In my family? In the world? Do we, especially men, need to fashion a “new cart” to carry the old truths of the ancient of days? So here again we find ourselves, how do we carry out what we want to see? What are the deep longings  of our souls? Continue reading “What Do I Really Want To See? Part 2 – Deep Longings”

Trusting God

It seems like in this last hour in which we providentially find ourselves privileged to live and serve for the glory of God and His eternal purposes, there are many who are in great need, whether it be because of extreme poverty and persecution to living in the Western world and culture of the day. … Continue reading Trusting God