In Matthew 24:14, Jesus said, “This gospel must first be preached throughout the world and then shall the end come.” Since Christ charged His disciples with the Great Commission, He has decreed ways to perpetuate the message of redemption throughout the world. Charles Spurgeon said, “The keys of providence swing from the girdle of Christ.” And His wisdom is displayed in the ways He exposes the world to the gospel.

Impacting for me today.

"Be content to live unknown for a little while, and to walk your weary way through the fields of poverty, or up the hills of affliction: for by-and-by you shall reign with Christ, for He has 'made us kings and priests unto God, and we shall reign for ever and ever' - Oh! wonderful thought…

A Hymn – William Cowper

What various hindrances we meet In coming to the mercy-seat! Yet who, that knows the worth of prayer, But wishes to be often there! Prayer makes the darkened cloud withdraw, Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw, Gives exercise to faith and love, Brings every blessing from above. Restraining prayer, we cease to fight; Prayer makes…

Focus and Boasting

Everyone wants to talk; talk about events and other people. Everyone wants to do something; about the doing other than the present. Everyone wants to go somewhere; go somewhere other than where they are at. Everyone wants to boast in themselves, their works, their church; boast in everything other than knowing and being. What would…

Nothing Else Will Do

When personal works are but filth; when entertainment no longer numbs; when self-righteousness and the pride of life are shown for the powerless vanity that they are; when man cannot give comfort to the soul - O' what a place, O' what a sweet place raw reality.