• Reflecting on Twenty Years

    Reflecting on Twenty Years: Plowing into Eternity | As I have said before, “I in a heap of sin so insurmountable that if it were not for the grace of Jesus Christ and His propitiation, I would forever be undone by my atrocities against the Lord my God.”

  • Update | Family | Love | Sanctification and More

    I have not been writing nearly as much due to constant directional changes with my job and extensive travel and the demands of family life. Instead of making several different blog posts, I decided to just post this one (for now) keeping it simple and on point.

  • Christian eBooks for FREE by author Jeremy B. Strang

    I am giving away several of my most recent writings via eBook. Simply sign up to follow my page and I will send you a link to my FREE downloads. I am giving away: Grace Upon Grace Realities of a True Christian Reveling or Resisting Stay In The Boat As Christ: A Man and Marriage…

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    Get two FREE eBooks via Kindle September 1st – September 5th, 2015. As Christ: A Man and Marriage and The Foothills of True Grace FREE on Amazon FREE on Amazon Learn more about Jeremy’s books here.  

  • Realities of a True Christian – FREE download

    Download a FREE pdf copy of Jeremy B. Strang’s book, Realities of a True Christian. Learn more about the book here and read some of the customer reviews here. You also order a copy either in paperback or hardback on Amazon. Download Realities of a True Christian below.   See more of Jeremy’s books here or click below.

  • A Plethora of Christian Classic Books – FREE

    A Plethora of Christian Classic Books – FREE Get a plethora of Christian Classic books online for FREE at SermonIndex.net. Click on the link above to download hundreds of edifying Christian literature. Blessings!

  • Conviction of Sin: heeding reproof

    Conviction of Sin heeding reproof (This is taken from my book, Realities of True Christian, chapter four. Learn more here.)   “He disciplines us for our good, so that we may share His holiness.”[1] Are you a wise child accepting the Father’s discipline?[2] Do you love God’s knowledge? Or do you hate reproof proving yourself…

  • FREE eBook – Christian A Dangerous Title to Claim

    Christian – A Dangerous Title to Claim is still being offered for FREE in pdf format. You can download your copy either at Time2Stand or here. It is what you are not being told… It is what most people do not know… It is what the majority of pastors are afraid to preach… Are you a professing Christian? If…

  • FREE eBook – Realities

    Realities of a True Christian is still being offered for FREE in pdf format. You can download your copy either at Time2Stand or here. “Realities of a True Christian is a book in the line of many others that have come out recently, that give a clarion call to the professing church with the message…