In Matthew 24:14, Jesus said, “This gospel must first be preached throughout the world and then shall the end come.” Since Christ charged His disciples with the Great Commission, He has decreed ways to perpetuate the message of redemption throughout the world. Charles Spurgeon said, “The keys of providence swing from the girdle of Christ.” And His wisdom is displayed in the ways He exposes the world to the gospel.

The First Three Stories

A walk and a true story meant to encourage, challenge, edify, and propel us all forward in walking with the One True God. Even more, I hope that these glorify my dear Lord and Savior.

Fighting Luke-Warmness

Fighting Luke-Warmness Intro The first thing I must ask is this, is there even a need to do such a thing in the professing Christian church today? Is there a need in the individual, those of us who make up the church? The answer for us in the Western World is all too obvious. My…

Impacting for me today.

"Be content to live unknown for a little while, and to walk your weary way through the fields of poverty, or up the hills of affliction: for by-and-by you shall reign with Christ, for He has 'made us kings and priests unto God, and we shall reign for ever and ever' - Oh! wonderful thought…