Search and See

“The door of the Word only opens to the key of diligence. The Scriptures claim searching. They are the writings of God, bearing the divine stamp and imprimatur – who shall dare to treat them with levity? He who despises them despises the God who wrote them. God forbid that any of us should leave our Bibles to become swift witnesses against us in the great day of account.” Continue reading Search and See

Blights and Blemishes: Don Currin


In recent years I have learned of former lovers of Christ who through neglect, or willful disobedience, have incurred moral or spiritual blights that shall not be wiped away. Cancers such as bitterness, self – conceit and secret sin have eaten away at their spiritual existence. Viewing themselves as fully justified in how they feel and think about themselves, they live their remaining days feeding their malignancies with vice and vindictiveness. Continue reading “Blights and Blemishes: Don Currin”

So, I was asked…

clay potterSo, I was asked today, “Do you believe in individual election for salvation?” After talking with many people, I know that this often comes with much baggage and often a hidden agenda. The context is that this was asked in a very public and online social scene. There were also many other issues that were present. Usually I do not answer in the public forum, usually due to the fact that I do not have enough time to adequately and rightly (best of my understanding) answer, but also because God is most often not glorified in the discussion, thereby causing much confusion to the unbeliever. I usually ask that if they are serious, to contact me privately. Keep in mind, there are various issues at hand. My response is below. Continue reading “So, I was asked…”

Mike Morrow – Remembering a Friend by Mack Tomlinson

20160510_131357Recently I was fortunate and privileged to fellowship with Mack Tomlinson, a dear brother in Christ with a lot of wisdom, and author of In Light of Eternity: The Life of Leonard Ravenhill, and, Conrad Murrell: Grace and Truth. Mack told me a bit about a good friend of his named Mike Morrow. (pictured is brother Mack with my son)

Mike recently, and quite untimely (in our eyes), passed onto glory. Mack highly recommended that I would listen to the memorial service and he granted me permission to share his thoughts and recent memory of Mike. Below is from Mack. I have also included a couple of video/audio links as well. May the Lord be glorified and the church lifted up. Amen.20160511_120708

By Mack Tomlinson
A delightful man’s body was buried under a beautiful tree in a lovely country cemetery in rural Kentucky this past Tuesday. Mike Morrow’s soul had taken its heavenly flight the previous Friday, and his earthly ‘tent’ was laid to rest in Union Cemetery, immediately beside the Union Baptist Church building, where Mike had pastored for sixteen years.

Continue reading “Mike Morrow – Remembering a Friend by Mack Tomlinson”

What Do I Really Want To See?

whitefield preachingLately I have been spending a lot of time with the Lord asking Him for a greater and more powerful move of His hand and a greater demonstration in the conviction of His Spirit – conviction and power in my private life, power in my family life, power in my public life and power in our church.  As I have been praying and pondering this thought, I know the Lord has been asking me, “Do you even know what you are asking for?” After all what exactly do I want to see happen? What does it look like? Do I want to see a move like that from the 1700’s when Whitefield and Wesley preached? Do I want to see a mighty move when the Anabaptists and Scottish Covenanters were being slain? Do I want to see a modern day Pentecost? I mean, what am I asking for? Continue reading “What Do I Really Want To See?”