Recent Books

Roughly four months ago I started online Seminary through the London Reformed Baptist Seminary from the Metropolitan Tabernacle (C.H. Spurgeon’s home church). Since starting, I have had several people ask me what my reading list has been so far, so, I have decided to give you the list below and also include a brief account of the latest book I just finished today titled, “Christ or Therapy?”, by Dr. ES Williams. Continue reading Recent Books

Thoughts with Whitefield

In 1740, George Whitefield, a man greatly used of God in launching the first great awakening, and a man to whom I love to read, wrote to John Wesley, a close friend, “I never read anything that Calvin wrote.”[1] He was also quoted as saying, “I embrace the Calvinistic scheme, not because of Calvin, but … Continue reading Thoughts with Whitefield

Help and Receive: Bibles

Help and Receive

20160708_075121For the next 40 days all of the proceeds of my last three books will go to benefit brothers and sisters around the world who need a Bible. Purchase either, The Foothills of True Grace / As Christ: A Man and Marriage / Reveling or Resisting to help those in need. Continue reading “Help and Receive: Bibles”

Thoughts Concerning Our Helplessness

bible on tableThe depths of the chasm of man’s depravity is of an endless pit; it is a pit too impossible to climb, too impossible for all of human wisdom combined to engineer the most ingenious of escapes, too dark, too vile, too at enmity with God to perceive. For this reason, we must not stop to ponder our created beginning of mere dust alone, but we must come to see, if even one ounce, our utter helplessness, the very nature imputed to us by generational lineage from Adam. Continue reading “Thoughts Concerning Our Helplessness”

Authentically Casting Our Vision Upon Christ Through Grace

Last Sunday I was privileged to preach at Grace Fellowship-Amboy. You can listen to the message below. Starts just after the introduction. PDF of the outline coming soon. May the Lord use these feeble words to His glory and for the edification of all who listen.   Authentically Casting Our Vision Upon Christ Through Grace … Continue reading Authentically Casting Our Vision Upon Christ Through Grace

Thoughts and Our Personal Response to the Refugee Crisis, and Everything Else

cropped-wallpaper-black-wood (1)It seems today more than ever, opinions of mankind are absolutely everywhere we turn. Now, I could begin to set out on a discourse to rationalize our personal beliefs and then shine the spotlight of the Scriptures onto every single opinion being thrown around, especially regarding the current refugee crisis. But I am NOT going to do this.

Instead, I want to simply ask a few personal questions to every single reader, this of course to myself first, and these directed at those who profess to be Christians:

What is our true motives, as these stand bare before God, regarding our “need” and/or “compulsion” to share our opinions? Are we claiming a bold stance, either for or against, and in doing so disprove our “loving” stance as we slam other professing Christ-followers? Is the love, grace, patience that we boast about for person or people “XYZ” equally strong regarding person or people of “ABC” to whom we are so quick to “spout” out our opinions? Really, are we a people seeking our every word, deed and thought to glorify our God and to edify, sometimes ever so gently so as not to “break the bruised reed“? Continue reading “Thoughts and Our Personal Response to the Refugee Crisis, and Everything Else”