• What is True Revival? | The Role of Providence in Spiritual Awakening

    March 13th, 2023 Don Currin taught an online Bible study around the topic: “The Role of Providence in Spiritual Awakening.”

  • The Need for Bibles: Patrick Klein – Vision Beyond Borders

    Recently I had the privilege to meet with Patrick Klein, founder of Vision Beyond Borders, to speak with him about the need for Bibles, projects and persecution, truth and reality. I first met brother Patrick in 2011 while living in Casper, WY. Just before he was to leave the country, and with very short notice,…

  • MEDICAL UPDATE 1/21/2023 | I am ANGRY – Are You?

    Here is the newest of information regarding the covid/vaccine/jabs lies perpetrated these last few years.

  • The Initial Seven Days: Entering into a Life of Prayer 

    This short seven-day devotional is meant to get your thoughts onto God and your mind and body into prayer, communion, rejoicing and intimacy in walking with God.

  • Single Minded Devotion – Pastor Brad Pittman | Grace Fellowship Church

    Last week I was privileged to temporarily start again (I travel the nation extensively in healthcare) in fellowship with a wonderful local church, Grace Fellowship, in Stillman Valley, IL. Pastor Brad brought a timely message for those seeking to truly know the Lord in greater measure. Without a double Philippians chapter three is truly a…

  • Feeling Overwhelmed?

    Are you feeling overwhelmed? “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

  • Standing in Evil Days: Don Currin

    Truly a great means of grace in our day and age in standing firm in the evil days. Brother Don Currin gives a good and powerful message to fight today. Oh that we would be about the “plowing of our fallow ground.” (Jeremiah 4:3; Hosea 10:12)

  • Will You Find Faith In Me?

    Entire Chapter Twelve, “Will You find faith in me?”, of the new book, “One Man’s Walk with God: Preparing for Trials and Fears”.

  • Focus on the Positive Things: Stephanie Bys, Missionary

    “Missions can be hard, discouraging, needy, exhausting, unpredictable, frustrating and a whole host of other emotions. I think it can be easy to show some struggles and victories, but I also sometimes find it hard to share…