• Thinking upon God | Recent Ponderings upon the Revelation of Jesus

    Oh that the end product of my faith “may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” (1st Peter 1:7) Oh to be so singular of mind and passionate in love for the nearness of Christ, both here in the present and at His second coming, that…

  • Glorified and Marveled | Come, Lord Jesus

    “The heart of the matter is that the ultimate purpose of God’s glorification in Jesus Christ happens most fully and climactically when…”

  • Let Us Be Wise and Never Forgetting

    Let me be very clear, this is a few of my thoughts that I have jotted down while praying and reading through the Scriptures this morning and this afternoon.

  • Revival | My Struggling with Trials in the Mundane Life

    It seems some of my greatest spiritual battles do not lie in what one would consider to be the extravagant and extraordinary events of the Christian life, but for me, it is the daily mundane of life where living forth for Christ I am most buffeted.

  • Why I will NOT speak against the Asbury Revival 2023

    Why I will NOT speak against the Asbury Revival 2023.

  • Jesus The Christ | A Sign of Blessing an Opposition

    Think about this for a moment, Jesus, the very prophesied Christ, is both a blessing to one and opposition to another. You either have a desire for Him or you do not.

  • Giving and Spending: Let this sink in deep.

    Only 1.7% of “Missions Giving” goes to work among Unreached Peoples.

  • NEW Bible Rebinds for Sale – Christmas 2022

    This year I will be selling new LSB (Legacy Standard) Bibles newly rebound in fine leather just in time for the Christmas shopping season. These rebinds will all be simple and timeless, yet unique and durable. These beautiful hardbacks are sure to last a lifetime.

  • Firefly Valley Farms Roasters – Camdenton, MO

    I am finishing up an assignment in Osage Beach, MO and was fortunate to connect with a couple who have their own local roastery. Although I do not have a lot of photos, I was privileged to be given a tour of their roastery and watch (SMELL) the beauties of their espresso roast actually being…