• Glorified and Marveled | Come, Lord Jesus

    “The heart of the matter is that the ultimate purpose of God’s glorification in Jesus Christ happens most fully and climactically when…”

  • Preparing for Persecution: John MacArthur and John Piper Discussion (Clip)

    This is an excellent encouragement to press onward in Christ Jesus in the face of our day, the providence and sovereignty of God.

  • “Come, Lord Jesus” by John Piper | New Book

    I cannot even begin to tell you how much deep joy, resonating with my spirit, in the glory of God, elevation of Christ, and the peace of the Holy Spirit I have in reading this new book by Dr. John Piper.

  • Think It Not Strange: Fiery Trials & Testimony of Christ

    Have you been struggling with balancing the idea of suffering for Christ in persecution and living in such a way as to constantly be about the defense of yourself or your country? John Piper gave this message, “Think It Not Strange: Fiery Trials and the Testimony of Christ,” in January of 2016 to a large…

  • If the Bible Has Been Added To, Can We Trust It? – John Piper Answers

    If the Bible Has Been Added To, Can We Trust It? (Listen Here) Interview by John Piper Audio Transcript A listener to the podcast writes in. “Pastor John, how can I trust the Bible if there have been so many add-ins, such as Mark 16:9–20 and John 7:53–8:11 and 1 John 5:7–8. If these verses have been…

  • Suicide and Salvation

    Suicide and Salvation. This is one of the best answers regarding the subject of suicide and salvation for the true Christian. Only about 10 minutes. May want to hear one of the sermons on this as well. Too many professing Christians are either ignorant to the Scriptures or foolishly condemn others, absence of love, and…

  • My Desire: Never Let Me Be A “Velvet Mouthed Preacher”

    My Desire: Never Let Me Be A “Velvet Mouthed Preacher” Jeremy B. Strang Christian. Husband. Father. Author.

  • Let Them Come Home – John and Abraham Piper

    Let Them Come Home (John and Abraham Piper) UPDATE 4/14/2021 This update is due to the increased visitors I have received over the last few weeks. Please note, I completely understand, at least from what I have read, of Abraham’s most current position regarding Christianity. Although, however, just as Satan means evil for us, God…