• Help and Receive: Bibles

    Help and Receive For the next 40 days all of the proceeds of my last three books will go to benefit brothers and sisters around the world who need a Bible. Purchase either, The Foothills of True Grace / As Christ: A Man and Marriage / Reveling or Resisting to help those in need.

  • Two Sins I Have Long Regretted

    Two Sins I Have Long Regretted “For I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me.” Psalm 51:3 There is without a doubt, if it were possible to never have committed and if it were possible I would go back and erase, there are two sins which I greatly regret. Of these sins,…

  • Man UP – Fall 2015 Kickoff

    Join us for the fall 2015 kickoff of Man UP. This month Caleb Gordon will be speaking. We will have breakfast and I will have a sign up sheet to purchase my newly released book, “As Christ: A Man and Marriage,” for a reduced price of only $5 or purchase here. “As Christ” is the…

  • FREE eBooks

    Get two FREE eBooks via Kindle September 1st – September 5th, 2015. As Christ: A Man and Marriage and The Foothills of True Grace FREE on Amazon FREE on Amazon Learn more about Jeremy’s books here.  

  • One Man’s Journey – As Christ: A Man and Marriage

    Considering the recent events of the whole Ashley Madison affair and the not-so-shocking reports of an estimated 400 pastors and church leaders enrolled on the Madison website, I can think of no better time to get this book re-released to the public. Read what Ed Stetzer recently posted: “Based on my conversations with leaders from…

  • As Christ: A Man and Marriage – My Prayer and Intro

    This soon to be released and discounted new book is an update from the 2011 book, “Christ Died For His Bride, So What’s Your Problem?” We are editing and adding even more of a power-packed clarion call for the professing men of our generation to rise up and be men, husbands, and fathers.

  • Marriage – Before Christ; After Christ.

    Marriage – Before Christ; After Christ. I personally know this brother and sister. They are humble and wonderful servants to the church. This video testimony is a real blessing and should be heeded, especially by those in “church leadership.” You can follow Billy’s blog at: http://gospelfellowshipstn.com/ and connect with him via facebook here.  

  • Marriage is the Foundation of the Home

    Marriage is the foundation of the home. If you live in the Bartlesville, OK area and you are interested in growing more as a biblical man, husband and father, then “stay tuned” as we will soon be starting a new men’s meeting at our home. Below are just some of the goals that we will…

  • Men and Marriages

    Men’s Meeting – Bartlesville, OK area. Do you know of any men who are desiring to grow in their walk with Christ? Grow in the godly leadership in the home? Grow in their love for their wife and children? If so, please contact me as we are setting out to take the men of our area…