• Mobile Study Back™ Bible Rebind | A Review by Tim Nickles

    Recently Tim Nickles of “A Nickles Worth” reviewed the new Mobile Study Back™ Bible rebind that I have recently developed.

  • NEW Bible Rebinds for Sale – Christmas 2022

    This year I will be selling new LSB (Legacy Standard) Bibles newly rebound in fine leather just in time for the Christmas shopping season. These rebinds will all be simple and timeless, yet unique and durable. These beautiful hardbacks are sure to last a lifetime.

  • Book and Bible Rebinds: Maybe it’s time?

    With everyone having so much more time to surf the internet, I thought it might be a good time to boast on a few people who are restoring life into old books and Bibles – not just old ones – but adding more durability and a great cover to new ones as well.