Persecution: It Takes The President – Be Ashamed!

I know what you may be thinking, you’re thinking, this guy is going to write another article supporting President Trump, well you’re wrong! This article really is not centered on Donald Trump, nor really even Christian persecution. Rather, my topic is centered on pastors, preachers, leaders in the professing church.[1] There is without a doubt, … Continue reading Persecution: It Takes The President – Be Ashamed!

Twenty-One Thousand – It’s Not Too Late!

As one who has, and is, continuously examining the profession of the faith that I claim, many things it seems the Lord has brought before me. Although perfection cannot be attained this side of eternity, this does not remove us from striving forward. For yet again, the Lord has reminded me, it’s not too late. I know how I must respond, but how will you respond to the thought below? Continue reading “Twenty-One Thousand – It’s Not Too Late!”

Oh America

Oh America, a nation that calls itself great, the only thing great about you is your sins and lawless works. Oh America, you close your eyes and shut your ears from the truth of my word. You paint yourself with paint that is heavily laden – a paint laden with pride and evil desires. Oh America, … Continue reading Oh America