Thoughts with Whitefield

In 1740, George Whitefield, a man greatly used of God in launching the first great awakening, and a man to whom I love to read, wrote to John Wesley, a close friend, “I never read anything that Calvin wrote.”[1] He was also quoted as saying, “I embrace the Calvinistic scheme, not because of Calvin, but … Continue reading Thoughts with Whitefield

So, I was asked…

clay potterSo, I was asked today, “Do you believe in individual election for salvation?” After talking with many people, I know that this often comes with much baggage and often a hidden agenda. The context is that this was asked in a very public and online social scene. There were also many other issues that were present. Usually I do not answer in the public forum, usually due to the fact that I do not have enough time to adequately and rightly (best of my understanding) answer, but also because God is most often not glorified in the discussion, thereby causing much confusion to the unbeliever. I usually ask that if they are serious, to contact me privately. Keep in mind, there are various issues at hand. My response is below. Continue reading “So, I was asked…”

Thoughts Concerning Our Helplessness

bible on tableThe depths of the chasm of man’s depravity is of an endless pit; it is a pit too impossible to climb, too impossible for all of human wisdom combined to engineer the most ingenious of escapes, too dark, too vile, too at enmity with God to perceive. For this reason, we must not stop to ponder our created beginning of mere dust alone, but we must come to see, if even one ounce, our utter helplessness, the very nature imputed to us by generational lineage from Adam. Continue reading “Thoughts Concerning Our Helplessness”

Thoughts and Reflections


Thoughts with God this AM.

I have thought much and prayed some, about how much God really is tired of all my opinions. Oh, it is so much more: Lamentations 3:22-40.

1. Love of God and His mercies know no end.

2. Waiting for God is good and seeks for Him.

3. Waiting quietly for His salvation is good. Continue reading “Thoughts and Reflections”