• MEDICAL UPDATE 1/21/2023 | I am ANGRY – Are You?

    Here is the newest of information regarding the covid/vaccine/jabs lies perpetrated these last few years.

  • Medical News | DIED SUDDENLY and Much, Much More

    Healthcare UPDATES, DIED SUDDENLY, and Much, Much More!

  • BIG Healthcare UPDATES | Oct. 1st, 2022

    “Vaccination status is no longer used to inform source control, screening testing, or post-exposure recommendations,” the guidance now says.

  • Update | Family | Love | Sanctification and More

    I have not been writing nearly as much due to constant directional changes with my job and extensive travel and the demands of family life. Instead of making several different blog posts, I decided to just post this one (for now) keeping it simple and on point.

  • UPDATE: Letter from Paul Washer

    UPDATE: Paul Washer. The letter below comes from brother Paul Washer of HeartCry Missionary Society. This was recently published in the Jan-Mar 2017, #89, edition of the HeartCry Magazine. “My dear brothers and sisters, I hope this brief introduction finds you growing in your understanding of the person and work of Christ upon which the…