Uncompromising Faith – New book by Greg Gordon of SermonIndex coming Jan 2014

Uncompromising Faith

I wanted to share this early and I will remind all of you again just before this comes out in Jan of 2014. I highly recommend that you give this new book a serious consideration for your reading library. Below you can learn more about the book, the author, brother Greg Gordon of SermonIndex.net and hear what other Christians have to say about it.

Do You Have Uncompromising Faith?

uncompromisingfaithcoverIf you are honest perhaps you answered: No.  We live in an age of where in Christianity there is much compromise. Sadly many are not standing for the faith of Jesus Christ as believers used to. In North America particularly this problem seems to be very obvious and growing. From questioning the reality of hell, to not verbally proclaiming the message of the Gospel and the unwillingness to suffer and deny self.  This book was written to help.

With churches always striving to learn the new way to be relevant to an ever-changing society Greg Gordon delves back into the past and shows us the life of 4 godly saints from the past who did not compromise in their day: George Whitefield, John Cennick, George Fox and Henry Alline. You will be amazed when you read the short biographical accounts of these men. And you will be challenged when you read the practical lessons in our modern day we can learn from these men.

Uncompromising Faith is a modern primer of yesterdays’ preachers. This might be the most relevant book you will read this year.

Will you be brave enough to join with these godly men of the past, will you hear the call and answer?

Who is this book for?

– Pastors of Churches
– Ministry leaders, professors
– Any believer in Jesus Christ who wants to stand for truth

About the Book

In a day of seeker friendly gospels, Your Best Life Now messages and compromised TV preachers, Uncompromising Faith will challenge you afresh to live a true faith. This book is a rally cry to those who need to stand for the truth and follow those godly men from the past. This book will encourage you with the testimony of 4 preachers from the past who did not compromise in their day.

greggordonThe Author Greg Gordon is the Founder of SermonIndex.net (Follow him on twitter@gregjgordon) which is a ministry that has been broadcasting many of the great preachers of the faith to millions over the last 10 years. Greg has responded to the great need in our day to see an example to Christians (especially in North America) of an uncompromising faith through 4 godly preachers from the past.

Endorsements by Christian Leaders

“There is a very troubling trend in the evangelical church as a whole. Foundational doctrines such as the cross, sin, judgment, and repentance were declared openly in the early hours of church history as well as in American history—when revivals and awakenings spread across our landscape. Today, the truth is often neglected, watered-down, or avoided altogether in the hope of ‘not offending,’ ‘securing an audience,’ or being ‘user-friendly.’ Judgment is never mentioned; repentance is never sought; and sin is often excused. We want to build a church rather than break a heart; be politically correct rather than biblically correct; coddle and comfort rather than stir and convict. Where are the Isaiah’s and Jeremiah’s calling nations to repentance? Where are the Wycliff’s who stood so unyielding for the truth that he was called The Morning Star of Reformation? Where are the Tyndale’s and Huss’ who were burned at the stake for simply declaring the truth? Where are the Luther’s who, when asked to recant or face possible execution, said, ‘Here I stand; I can do no other’? Here are four men that answered the call…will you?”
– Shane Idleman; Lead Pastor, Westside Christian Fellowship, Lancaster, Ca.

“The men whom God has used in former times is worthy of study. Greg Gordon’s new book, ‘Uncompromising Faith‘ is worthy to be studied, for in it are ‘pen sketches’ of some of God’s choice servants. Read it and be blessed!”
– Dr. E. A. Johnston; Author of: George Whitefield: A Definitive Biography

“Greg Gordon loves men who love God. This is evident in his work as founder of Sermon Index, and it is also evident when anyone has an opportunity to meet and talk with Greg. His appreciation of God’s works in the past, of historic revivals, and of the great men and women of church history drives much of the work and ministry that Greg does. Such appreciation is evident in this book, Uncompromising Faith, in which Gordon reminds us of the lives of George Whitefield, John Cennick, George Fox, and Henry Alline. The sketches of their lives and the lessons we can learn from them are certainly applicable to the Christian life and Christian ministry today. Our generation needs such men, now more than ever. This book can be a tonic to your soul and a blessing to your heart.”
– Mack Tomlinson; Author of: In Light of Eternity, The Life of Leonard Ravenhill

“In these days in which compromise is epidemic among professing Christians, Greg Gordon has been used of God to issue this clarion call to Christians to stand firmly and zealously for the Lord. He does so by plucking out of obscurity four stalwarts of the faith who were mightily used of God. Each of these four saintly men is put before us in terms of a brief ‘pensketch’, practical lessons we can learn from his life and memorable, penetrating quotes from each. It is all brought to a close with the author’s warm hearted appeal for us to emulate these four men.  This is a very needed and helpful book. Anyone who gives it a serious reading will come away with a greater desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, who so wonderfully served his people by offering himself as the propitiation for their sins.”
– Roger Ellsworth, author and pastor of Emmaus Road Baptist Church

“Most people read Christian biographies because they are interested in hearing about the exploits of famous men of God. Such bookworms typically finish one story and quickly move onto the next unaffected and unmoved because they were only looking for a momentary thrill. But there is another type of individual who reads such stories from an altogether different mindset. This reader is not focused on exploits but on the customs and habits of the man of God who accomplished them. He approaches the book as a detective in search of valuable clues. “What was in this man that drove him to pray as he did?” “How did he come to be so on fire for God?” “What was the secret to his intimate life with the Lord?” Greg Gordon is a spiritual sleuth who looks for the motivating factors that compelled great men and women of God to live extraordinary and meaningful lives. As he took up his pen to write the sketches you will find in this book, these are the things he is focused upon. If you are looking for a book to “tickle your fancy,” I suggest you go to the Christian bookstore. But if you too are in search of clues to living an exemplary life with God, then start here. These four stories will provide the very thing you are looking for.”
-Steve Gallagher, Founder of Pure Life Ministries

“Many years ago, J.C. Ryle said of Whitefield, “He followed Paul, his zeal aflame; his apostolic charity the same.” The Lord of the Harvest “makes His ministers a flame of fire,” a flame that burns with the very holiness and love of God Himself. In Uncompromising Faith, brother Greg Gordon has given us fuel for the ignition and keeping of the sacred flame; a glimpse into the lives of some of the greatest servants in Church history. Read it, dear saint, and ask the Lord to quicken the same fire in your own soul.”
-Bryan Anthony, Pastor/Preacher at Pilgrimage Church, Kansas City, MO

“I commend Uncompromising Faith because of its soul stirring accounts of men sold out to God whose lives remain warnings to modern day Christians. We must not become lax in the task of rescuing souls from hell by proclaiming the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.”
-Dr. Jeff Lutes; Evangelist, Founder of Int’l Harvesters for Christ

“’He that walketh with wise men shall be wise…‘ (Proverbs 13:20). Greg Gordon has given us a great privilege to walk with Godly, wise men who impacted their world for the Lord.”
-Jim Logan; Author of Reclaiming Surrendered Ground

“If you are interested in reading a book that thrills and convicts all at the same time, this is the book. You will read about the English Evangelist, George Whitefield, the Scottish Flame, George Fox, the Moravian Master, John Cennick, and the Apostle of Nova Scotia, Henry Alline. Read, laugh, rejoice, weep, enjoy and repent.”
-Dr. Brad Allen; Preacher, Spiritual Awakening Ministries

“Beginning with a personal perspective, this engaging work grants readers a panoramic view of yesteryears champions of the faith. The historical overview presses the reader to ponder; what does it mean to walk with God? Is this something all can grasp or is it relegated to giants of faith alone? It is a valuable endeavor for any Christian to carefully read this book, one wrought with substance and holy challenges.”
– Steven E. Ray; Pastor, Author, Director Messiah Missions International

“If there has ever been a time that we need a ‘resurrection’ of godly men of old in preaching true conversion, the time has come. Through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, I myself have been much affected by the ministries of George Whitefield and Henry Alline. By the reading of this book, may you be challenged to walk with Christ in a more intimate manner and in true authenticity of profession.”
– Jeremy B. Strang; Author of: Realities of a True Christian

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