Lessons of Strength


Lessons of Strength and Obedience From a Young Girl Named Mary

From   – Responding in Faith


Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call His name Immanuel. (Isaiah 7:14 NASB)

The miracle of Christmas. It started at the moment that Jesus was conceived in the womb of Mary. A young, teenage girl who was willing to step forth in complete obedience. I can only imagine how she radiated. The Light was upon her. The Light was within her.

It was her first pregnancy. I wonder how it compared to the pregnancies that came after?

The miracle of Jesus. It was there…in Mary’s womb…life…He was counted as a life at that very moment. Mary knew. Scripture actually tells us that she treasured all of these moments…the miracle before the birth…and pondered upon them.

The miracle of her Aunt Elizabeth going from a barren old woman to being pregnant with Jesus’ cousin. The thought of carrying the Messiah…growing in her womb…having never been touched by a man…yet here He grows within her.

Ponder. To think upon considerably. To reflect. To weigh in the mind.

This was a miracle. A time when miracles pretty much had ceased to exist. And now two within months a part from one another.

This amazing, spectacular life growing inside of a teenage girl who was considered pure and worthy of God. Chosen by God Himself. He saw Mary as probably Mary had never saw herself. There was strength in this child. Courage. An obedient heart. Simplicity. An authentic willingness to serve. To stand with hands lifted up..open…to have a spirit within her that was willing to say, “Here I am Lord. Send me. Use me. I am Yours.”

God knew who He had chosen to be the carrier of His Son. The mother. The mama. Jesus would call her “Ima.”

This Christmas miracle started with a teenage girl with a servant’s heart. It was a big job. A big responsibility. And she said yes. It will be as You say.

God asks us to be part of miracles. But so often we say no. The risks seem too high. It doesn’t make any logical sense. We over analyze. Over strategize. Busy. Too busy to stop. Too busy to listen.

I love Mary’s strength. I love her heart to press forward. Even when she knew the laws. She knew the risks. She knew that she could be stoned to death. But yet she was willing to be a part of something bigger.

I draw courage from Mary’s heart. I understand why God chose her. He had gifted her with all that she would need to be ima…the mother…the mother of Jesus.

God, too, strengthens us for the things that He has called each of us to do. He chose us…hand picked us…equipped us to do more then we could ever imagine. Many times we don’t see the bigger picture. I imagine that Mary didn’t really truly understand the bigger picture until after her Son’s death. But she pressed on in her life.
Today I speak to you. The one who doesn’t feel like you can go another day…another hour…another minute…another second…with what God has asked you to do. Maybe it is to push through with a difficult child…or continue working at a job that you hate…or stay with a marriage that seems too broken. God has equipped you. He walks with you. He will give you the strength that you need to continue to push forward. He will reveal the bigger picture…when the time is right. God uses the simple, the obedient, those who are willing to step out in faith for Him. He has much for you to take a hold of and to sit and ponder upon. Things for you to wrap up in your arms and treasure in your heart…He just waits for an obedient heart…

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