The Modern Church and Repentance

4 thoughts on “The Modern Church and Repentance”

  1. I’m greatly blessed that our Lord had called brother Jeremy to help carry this burden he has given me! Along with two other dear brethren. May our Lord be glorified for He alone is worthy.


  2. We must be ever so careful. Professing Christians, listen up, when our style of life does not match the verbal profession of our faith, then our message is made void of all its power, souls are not saved, and Christ is not honored. Let us examine ourselves – 2 Corinthians 13:5.

    Agree wholeheartedly with so much in this piece. Questioning the above excerpt. I am conflicted on this. While it is truth that we must practice righteousness and love in order to be born again, is it Scripturally accurate for the Gospel’s power to be dependent on the level of the speaker’s righteousness in order to have its power or intended effect?


    1. Scott, thank you for your comment. I will try to answer.
      Is the power of God dependent upon our righteousness, the answer is no. It is God alone who empowers His word. Having said this, let me move farther to say, is God pleased to empower most of what is labeled Christendom, the answer again is no. If it were so, we would we would see a different type of Christendom today, one living in piety, truth, conviction, repentance, etc. When I read of men who were used mightily and with power, such as the Apostles, early church planters, Puritans, Scottish Covenanters, the Whitefield’s, the Spurgeon’s, etc. and the list goes on, I see people who were first greatly affected by God deep within and then went out with a clear demonstration of that “washing of water of the Word.” To simply say no or yes here is difficult as it does rely totally upon God to do the empowering and yet historically He seems to use or empower those who have truly had the Word do a deep work, living, not yet perfect lives, but lives that were stamped with the cross of Christ as a reality. Having said all this, I agree with the Scripture, “godliness is a mystery.” I hope this is somewhat clear and attempts to answer what you have asked.

      Blessings my brother,


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