The Foothills of True Grace

the-foothills-of-true-grace-jeremy-b-strang“A must read for all whom claim Christ the very best book I have ever read concerning God’s wonderful grace that truely lines up with the Word of God. I just finished my second read and use it for encouragement and to keep me on that narrow road.”

~ Lynn

“A look into the grace of Jesus Christ that is well balanced with scriptural truth without compromising. Jeremy has a way he presents it with graciousness that the scriptures command.”

~ Annonymous

The Foothills of True Grace

Author: Jeremy B. Strang

Released: 2014

This devotional is only the beginning in entering the journey of God’s authentic grace. The intent of this book is to take you on a brief seven day journey into the beginning foothills of Christ’s incredible work of redemption. My hope is that every time you hear the word grace, you would immediately think upon Jesus Christ and His finished work on Calvary’s hill. He alone drank the cup that you and I deserved; He alone deserves all the credit, all the glory and all the praise. May we be drawn nigh unto our Lord and Savior!

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